Where are Surrogates Located? Are They Safe?

Our surrogates only come from safe areas. We do not want them to worry about their loved ones. Some surrogates travel to appointments at the clinics as before the war.

If the intended parents wish, they can, at their own expense, move their surrogate during her pregnancy ideally with her family or friend (for help and support) to a city of their choice. Currently, we have surrogates in Lviv, Jitomir, and Krakow, Poland.

What Happens if My Surrogate is Pregnant and the War Becomes Dangerous Beyond the Current Conflict in the Far East of Ukraine?

We are extremely proactive at Delivering Dreams to do everything possible to make sure your surrogate and child are safe and receive the highest standard of care. Even before the war, we move our pregnant surrogates to Lviv. This kept them safe throughout much of the war. During the worst part of the war, it looked like conflict might spread to Lviv and we move surrogates to Krakow, Poland.

We believe our actions to ensure every surrogate received the highest standard of care, medicine and oversight speak louder than any promises. While most agencies and clinics simply left everything and abandoned their surrogates, the Delivering Dreams team did not run. We stayed and cared for our surrogates. None of our surrogates ever even lost touch with their intended parents. Our surrogate coordinators helped surrogates from many other agencies that were completely abandoned link with their intended parents. Sometimes they did not have medicines, or medical care and had no contact at all with the clinic.