Surrogacy in Ireland

Irish couples struggling with infertility and are unable to carry a child have very few options.

At Delivering Dreams we can make your dreams of parenthood come true through IVF and Ukrainian surrogacy.

Legal – surrogacy in Ukraine is legally secure and affordable. For Irish citizens, getting your child through surrogacy in Ukraine Irish citizenship is a very straight forward process which means you take your child home after just a few weeks.



What makes Delivering Dreams unique?

Located in both the US and Ukraine, we give you western professional service, financial and legal guarantees with decades of experience growing families in Ukraine. The Delivering Dreams’ family is passionate about making great surrogate matches, having parents involved with the pregnancy every step of the way and making the overall process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

We help from day one with documentation all the way through getting your child home. From the beginning of the process, you have access to our doctors to help develop the most successful plan of treatment. Your personal coordinator will be with you every step of the way providing information and update, answering questions and helping you with all logistics.


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