How much does surrogacy cost in the Ukraine

Ukrainian Surrogacy costs approximately a third of surrogacy in the US. Still, it is an expensive process.

Our goal is to make surrogacy as affordable and accessible to all.

We have partnered with a leading fertility and surrogacy financing firm to provide an additional financing option to our intended parents.

Financing of up to $35,000 is available through our financial partner. The financing you receive is based on your debt to income ratio.

Get the lowest monthly payments: Depending on your qualifications, you can qualify for terms of up to 60 months.

Payments are made to you rather than reimbursing medical facilities. You have control of your spending.

You are paid the entire amount up front: increase your cash flow and have the funds available when they are needed.

No risk process: You receive instant pre-approval without affection your credit. You also have the opportunity to review the terms and rates of the loan before accepting.

No transaction fee: No fees are charged for a funded loan. Often financiers charge between 5-15% whenever you fund a loan.

Anyone can apply: If you have experienced hard times and are not in the ideal situation to qualify for a loan. A friend or family member may apply for a loan on your behalf.

Simple: Get preapproved online in minutes.

No surprises: No deferred interest of hidden fees.

No prepayment penalties.